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So, finally we have a bit of a summer! And I mean real summer... It's been a long time coming, but it's great to have a cheery sun out every day.

Since we have moved our house about two years ago, we have not really done much to the garden (imagine meadow combined with cottage garden), but I had a go at growing some strawberries in the pots. This morning, we had some with our cereals and they tasted so good!

Website & Blogs Update

I have had a few really busy months, so now with everyone having summer holiday, I can take a little break too and have the time to work on my website and blogs. The small 'lifestyle' business I have created couple of years ago has taken on life on it's own and now has three (if not four) main areas - Bread & Cakes Baking Courses, Chocolate Workshops, Handmade Chocolates and Handmade Fabric Decorations for your home. I now attend regular farmer's market every two weeks (in a little village of Horton Kirby in Kent) with my chocolates and also several craft and food fairs dotted around us. I run my own courses, but also run courses in local craft shops. As there is quite a bit to fit in to my website I took the decision to start another blog to focus on just chocolates. It will be more of a factual blog with recipes, history of chocolate, the types of chocolate and of course all about my products. As I already have a domain for my bakery, I'm keeping my Bakery blog and will be adding again loads about types of bread, how to bake your bread or the best recipe for sourdough bread. And I shall leave this blog as a general (and more craft focused) chit chatty type of blog with updates about me and the business as a whole. The big challenge is of course keeping the website going with all separate parts working in reasonable harmony, but still separate, so it doesn't get muddled for anyone visiting/looking at it.

My new chocolate blog


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