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The best thing about this week ? I got my little article about Cocoa & Heart published in the Craftseller magazine ! I obviously knew, that it was going to be published, but it was still a surprise, when last Friday I opened the magazine and the promotional leaflets fell out from the page about me !

And this is the full article !

Cocoa & Heart

Cocoa & Heart was created out of a real passion for all things handmade, whether it’s working with fabric, making soya candles in vintage teacups, baking bread or creating fabulous chocolate truffles.

I started Cocoa & Heart in January 2012, after being made redundant from a senior and stressful management job and decided to have a complete lifestyle change.

I have always liked sewing, but also love baking. I started to bake bread ten years ago and have not bought supermarket bread since then. So, I set up ‘The Bakery’, providing local people with delicious bread and cakes. I also run Bread Making and Cupcake Decorating courses from home.

Since starting, the business has taken on different turns and every day brings something new. To launch the business and our new website, I held a successful Open House Day and now I sell through local craft fairs.

Recently I held my first Cupcake Decorating Birthday Party, after a surprise phone call, from a lady, who had been on one of my Bread Making Courses. The party was a great success, and will now be added to my repertoire.
I have been busy developing new flavours and plan to completely rebrand my chocolate range. I have been making chocolate truffles for a while now, but recently picked up extra skills, whilst training at the famous Slattery Chocolatier in Manchester. I would like to become better know locally and the next step is to start supplying my products to local shops.
As it's Monday I'm heading off to Handmade Harbour to find out what everyone else has been up to !


  1. Wow, that's fab news and it looks great. Congratulations!

  2. It's a lovely article - well done x

  3. I saw it and thought it was great. Well done!

  4. Very well done. Lovely article :-)

  5. i was super excited to see you featured in craftseller this week - well done!! your story is a very inspiring one and i wish you all the best in the next step of your exciting journey :) x

  6. Congratulations. I read your article in Craftseller and thought it was very inspirational.
    Ali x

  7. Congratulations. This is a great read! I hope things continue to grow for you :)

  8. Congratulations, well deserved :)
    I really must get this Craftseller magazine as it's seems to be full of fab people :)

  9. Thank you all for your lovely comments as ever! Great to be part of such a supportive group.

  10. What a lovely article. You will go from strength to strength in your chosen career.



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