Getting ready...

The other day, I got into a sheer panic, when  a calendar on somebody's website, helpfully (!) told me that it's only 98 days till Christmas.  I was not worried to much about the actual Christmas, because that's going to be utterly enjoyable experience as ever. Family Christmas usually happens weekend before, so Xmas day is perfect for doing what we want, which most of the time does not include anything Xmassy at all (the other year we found our perfect house on Xmas day...).

No, what I started to panic about is that means, that it's only about 50 days till my largest ever craft fair at Leeds Castle close to Maidstone. I have calculated, that I have only 28 actual days in which I can sew all my handmade fabric decorations, make chocolate truffles and bake my gingerbread biscuits and houses. And, knowing me, probably million other things...

So, after cursing myself, that as promised (to myself), I should have started back in January to prepare for this year's Xmas fairs, I calmly worked out a plan, made another cup of tea and sat at my sewing machine. Couple of days later and I finished some Xmas tree decorations, lavender cushion stacks, Xmas puddings and Halloween Bunting (nearly forgot I have a fair just before 31 October).

I'm probably bit more on a track now, eventhough I still can't figure out how to fit everything into my tiny car...

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  1. We have all been there and I am in the same situation, it will get done and if it does not not meant tobe

  2. Sounds like you're going to be very, very busy

  3. Well done for getting started on it! Just plodding on (with a plan!) is probably the best thing to do. I love that gingerbread house!! Oh, and the tiny car? I'm amazed what you can stuff into a tiny car, with a bit of forward planning and utilisation of small nooks and crannies between seats - it seems you gain expert status in that skill very quickly indeed! Good luck x

  4. Part of me hopes that you don't read this comment as you will be so busy making things. Sounds like you have loads to do, but hey, don't panic - what will be will be and everything will work out in the end. Good luck. xxxx

    1. Never too busy to read and respond to the comments ! Thank you for your support.

  5. Thanks for commenting on my blog. Your decorations & gingerbread house is beautiful, they must take a lot of work.

    Melanie x.

  6. Good luck. I hope you get everything done on time and really enjoy the craft fair. Your gingerbread house looks amazing and good enough to eat. Have a lovely week.
    Ali x

  7. Thank you for all your lovely comments. I know, it's still the time, but it always disapears so quickly.

  8. Love the little Christmas decoration.
    Last week I was thinking it was far too soon to make for Christmas, this week I'm feeling it may be too late!!
    Good luck with getting everything done

  9. I could just go and live in that sweet house. If only they made them human size! I would keep it on my mantelpiece and admire it. Hope everything goes to plan with your fairs, as I'm sure they will.

  10. Hmm I follow Santa on Twitter which is a bit of a mistake when he tweets how many weeks it is until Christmas. Far too few for my liking too. I hope that you have not planned to make too many of those wonderful gingerbread houses as they must take you ages! Hope you get loads done :)

  11. that gingerbread house is amaaaaaaaaaaazing!

    i'm starting to get that sinking feeling that i should have started on Christmas stuff a lot earlier too... its amazing what you can achieve once you put your mind to it though... good luck! x



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