Enterprise Nation

Running your own business could be sometimes quite solitary experience. Most of the time I'm either working away on my laptop, creating my fabric decorations in my craft room or making chocolates or cakes in the kitchen.

Hot Chocolate Spoons with pink marshmallows
 and strawberry chocolate ready for Valentine.

So, for my own sanity I try to stay in touch with my friends and people I know and make extra effort to meet them for coffee or have a day out.

The highlight of last week was an invitation to celebrate small business in the UK organised by Enterprise Nation. I was invited as one of the 'Start Ups' - people who started their own business last year. It was great to meet some really interesting people (I'm sure, they were all great, I just didn't get chance to meet absolutely everyone !). When people asked how I was connected to Enterprise Nation I just nonchalantly pointed to the 'Start Up Kit 2013' and said: 'I'm one of the featured businesses in this book !

Anyway, it was lovely to talk to like-minded people from different walks of life and I came away buzzing with new ideas and didn't realise until later, that my 'fabulous, but fairly newish and not so comfy shoes' gave me blisters and I could not walk the next day. Such is life, hey...

Now, I'm off to find out what everyone else has been up to on Handmade Harbour.


  1. It can be quite solitary when you run your own business. Hope you had a great time at the Enterprise Nation event :)

  2. Well done on being featured in the book. You are right, being a small business bod is a solitary existence, but forums and blogs do help. Hope you have a good week.

  3. Congratulations on being a featured business in the book!
    Your chocolate and marshmallow spoons look yummy- I love the photograph too- it would make a lovely print for displaying on the wall of a kitchen or tea shop!

  4. You are so right about needing to get a people fix when you work on your own a lot - I think that's why I love doing my regular markets.
    And it really fires you up when you get chance to talk to like-minded people - that's probably why you didn't notice your feet til later!

    1. Yes, I feel the same - it's great to do markets and speak to some 'real' people !

  5. oh my goodness those chocolate spoons look amazing!! Sure to be a top seller for Valentines (or any time of year for chocoholics like me!)

    The Enterprise Nation event sounds fantastic, it is lovely to chat with like minded people isn't it :) Well done for being featured in their book! x

  6. At least you don't have to walk to work!!! Those chocolates look amazing - drooling as we speak. Congratulations on appearing in a book. Have a good week :)

  7. Congratulations on being featured in the book - that's brilliant! Bet you had a great time at the event and your choc spoons look too yummy to resist!

  8. Thank you for all your lovely comments and yes you are right I enjoyed myself, not even blisters would get in the way...

  9. Congratulations on being featured, your creations look absolutely beautiful. I find I tend to create better and things seem to flow more as I'm listening to the radio. Other times I need peace and quiet. Some of my thoughts and ideas have come when I'm out walking my dog. But then it's also great to speak or be in contact with like minded people too, as well as visiting exhibitions and fairs etc.
    Hope your feet have recovered!
    Wendy x

  10. I'm glad you had a good time despite your blisters, it's a good excuse to sit and relax with a bit of sewing :)

    Jan x

  11. Your chocs are very artistic and they have a very neat mouth-watering presentation. do you ever feel tempted to pinch some in the process of making them? :)

    congratulations on your business start up. hope it will develop well :)



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