Spring Open House

As usual, I wouldn't go to bed until early morning. As usual, despite my planning and preparing everything for more then a month, there was still loads to do at 3 am. Regardless how well I plan everything, there is still something to do last minute before any craft show. Or I decide to make a new product instead of  just perfecting on what I have already.

This time, I was even more nervous and exited at the same time. At 9 am I was going to open my own house to invited friends, guests and neighbours. I have sent the invitations about three weeks in advance, but started to tell people much earlier. I did not ask for RSVP, but as 11 am approached I really felt I should have. What if nobody turns up ?

I have gone overboard with the preparation. Dinning room table was turned into the 'craft stall' with all my handmade decorations and fabric creations. The kitchen table hosted a collection of all my chocolates and my cakes and cupcakes were displayed on the sides. The whole house was decorated with spring flowers and the front garden patio nicely swept and new plants planted. Big sign decorated our front window and I was ready with freshly brewed coffee or tea.

We left the front door open and shortly after 11 am first person walked in.  And after that we have not stopped...

It was a really great day - meeting old friends, but also welcoming some new faces. We offered everyone tea or coffee, cupcakes to taste and of course loads of chocolate. The chocolates were good point of conversation, because there were about fifteen different flavours and despite writing them all down, people still had the fun in guessing what flavour was what. The most popular was Raspberry Cheesecake and Lavender.

Throughout the day I baked bread to promote 'The Bakery' our microbakery and project run under the Cocoa & Heart brand. It was a bit of a challenge to remember when to take the bread out of the oven, but fortunately I did not burned anything.

I really enjoyed meeting everyone who came on the day and felt very humble everytime somebody made a compliment about my chocolates or other products. I also should mention, that I could not do this without my husband Nick, who took a day off and spend most of the day making tea and coffee.

I use mainly Cacao Barry for my chocolates, so we were showing peole what the chocolate looks like (and taste) before its tempered.


  1. Stunning display! Good enough to eat. xx

    1. Thank you - and yes, most of it was actually eaten in the end !



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